Autumn and Halloween activities

The Autumn season has started and with lots of special occasions coming up like Halloween, Harvest and Bonfire night, why not take a look at our fun suggestions to get the children in to the ‘spirit’ of things.

With Halloween activities such as Spider Treat Bags

Spider Treat bag

Halloween games such as Ghostly Bowling


and suggestions for party food and drinks


Take a look at our special Halloween Page!

Harvest has started to show the children all about this autumn festival take a look at our Harvest Page where you can make a sweetcorn collage

sweetcorn collage

During the last part of the Autumn season we celebrate Bonfire and Fireworks night

Why not make edible Chocolate Sparklers


Finally check out our Autumn page to discover all about the season Autumn, here we have lots of leaf activities here we made an autumn tree! Perfect for any centrepiece

Autumn Tree

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