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Autumn Children Activities

The autumn season provides a great opportunity for the children to discover more about the outside world whether the activity is indoors or outdoors. The autumn season starts in September and continues through till November. Below are a few fun activities linked to the theme autumn for the children to do.

Leaf Printing



Collect some leaves and using a paint brush cover the leaves in paint, turn the leaves over and firmly press down on paper. You should find a lovely print of the leaves’ veins and shape. The other way you could use the leaves in painting is to place the leaves on to the paper and then paint over them, when you lift off the leaves there should be a leaves shapes with no paint on.

Leaf Collage


Collect some leaves from the garden or the park lots of different colours and shapes. Draw an outline of a tree on a piece of paper and stick the leaves with glue on to the tree.

Blow Painting and Finger Print Tree

Put a blob of brown paint on to the bottom and middle and using the straw blow the paint up the paper to make it look like a tree trunk and branches.  Next take some orange, red and brown paint and finger print on some leaves on to the tree.

Nature Hunt



Going on a nature hunt during the autumn can be a lot of fun. You can kick the leaves that have fallen to the ground, tread on them listening to them crunch and collect the fallen leaves for art and craft activities. Look out for autumn animals such as squirrels and birds that will be around especially in woodland areas or parks with a lot of trees. Pine cones, conkers and acorns can be sometimes found too. If you find some conkers you can make a hole through the conkers and thread through some string and tie a knot one end, to play conkers.

Halloween and Harvest Activities



During the autumn period we celebrate Halloween and Harvest, check out these themed activities by clicking on the links.

Handprint Hedgehog



Take a piece of paper and some light brown and dark brown paint. Place the paint into two plates. Press your hand in the light brown paint and make one handprint on to the paper, with the hand pointing to the left, this is the hedgehogs head. Next dip the other hand into dark brown paint and make several handprints pointing upwards to make the hedgehog’s spikes. Once the paint has dried, you can draw on eyes, a mouth and a nose.

Leaf Rubbings/ Bark Rubbings


Take a piece of paper and wax crayons outside. Place the paper on top of bark on a tree and using the crayon sideways, rub the crayon over the bumps of the bark. For the leaves, turn the leaves with the veins facing upwards, place the paper over the top and rub the crayon over the leaf to show the veins of the leaves.

Apple Day- 21st October



Apple day is a great opportunity to visit an apple orchard and pick your own apples. Using the apples you have picked you could make an apple crumble or apple pie. You could also provide the child with apple slices and apples cut in half, some paint and paper, to make apple prints.

Pine Cones


Collect some pinecones and provide the children with paint and paintbrushes and they can paint pinecones all different colours. Thread some string around the pinecone to hang up their masterpieces for a lovely autumn decoration.

Bird Watching


Why not go outside and go bird watching. Make some binoculars using two kitchen towel rolls sticky taped together. Provide the children with a paper book to record or draw pictures of what they find. To encourage the birds to come put out bird seed or make a bird feeder.

Bird Feeder


 Equipment: 250g Suet or lard melted, 400g mixture of ingredients such as seeds, nuts, dried fruit, oatmeal, cheese and cake, 6 yogurt pots, string

  1. Take the yogurt pots and carefully make a small hole in the bottom of the pot, a small screw driver works well. Thread a piece of string inside and tie a knot so you can hang the pot up. Alternatively just use the pot without string.
  2. Melt the lard/suet in a saucepan then take off the heat and allow to cool but not too much it starts to set.
  3. Pour in the seeds etc and mix together well then spoon the mixture into the yogurt pots.
  4. Let it set in the fridge then cut off the pot around the bird mixture and hang up somewhere outside. Or if you done it without string turn out the solid mixture and place on a bird table.

Changing Weather

The weather changes a lot from going to hot sunny weather in the summer season to windy and rainy days in the autumn. A great way for the kids to see these changes is to make a weather chart, (Click on the template to print one out) and record what the weather is like each day. When  it is raining you could place outside a container to collect the rain and then measure how much is inside by using a ruler.



Squirrel Kitchen Roll

  1. Cut a kitchen towel roll in half, discard the other half then paint the roll brown.
  2. Cut out an egg cup from an egg box and cut a slit down each side. Paint it brown too.
  3. Once both the roll and egg cup are dry, cut out two triangles of brown paper or felt and glue them to the roll to make arms.
  4. Cut out two small brown triangles for ears and glue them on to the egg cup. Add eyes and a nose perhaps using googly eyes and a pompom nose or just paint or draw them on.
  5. If you can find an acorn glue it to the squirrel’s arms to make it look like he is holding it.

Autumn Tree

Autumn Tree

Have fun collecting autumn leaves then make this autumn tree, perfect for a table centrepiece.


Leaves, Kitchen roll, Green felt, Card, Brown Paint, Paint brush, Glue and Scissors

Step 1- Paint the kitchen roll brown all over.

Step 2- Once dry, cut equal length slits at the top and bottom of the trunk and fan out.

Step 3- Stick some green felt on to some card. Spread glue on to the bottom slits and press down firmly on to the green felt.

Step 4- Glue on some leaves you found on to the top slits (branches of the tree) and some more leaves on to the green felt to make it look like they have fallen off the tree.

You may find more interesting objects when you go looking for leaves such as acorns.

Autumn Wreath 

A lovely autumn decoration for the kids to make and hang up proudly in the house


Equipment needed: a paper plate with the centre cut out, leaves and glue

1. Cover the paper plate ring in glue

2. Cover the ring with leaves press them down firmly

3. Allow to dry then it can hung up by tieing some ribbon around the wreath.