About Me and the Inspiration Behind the Little Activity Chest

Hi! Welcome to The Little Activity Chest.


Im Sarah, a mum of 2, my little princess (though sometimes more like a cheeky monkey)  is 3 years old and my little man is 10 months old, a little acrobat and definitely  keeping mummy on her toes  I have trained and worked as a nursery teacher for 6 years and I now spend my time looking after my children and husband 🙂


Why I started the website 

I find I have very little time nowadays so finding time to look up activities was becoming a challenge, so I designed this blog where you can look up activities all in one place. Growing up in my family we were always celebrating different times of the year with fun activities. Now having my own children I followed in my parents footsteps and carry out a range activities regularly. I look back over my childhood and I remember all the fun activities we done and the happiness it brought. I would love for other children, especially my own to look back and feel the same feelings.


Who will and why you can benefit from using my website? How the activities are listed?

Using my website will help you find activities linked to a particular theme or event and can be used by parents, teachers, grandparents, carers, in fact anyone who cares and looks after children. The activities are easy to do and most importantly are fun :) and create opportunities for you and your child to spend time together. Where possible I will include photographs of activities and they will have step by step guides as to how to carry the activities out.


Please keep coming back to my website and look on the calendar of upcoming events and occasions, this will help you find activities for events coming up next.


All the activities listed will have a list of Learning Intentions showing how the activities will benefit your child fitting into the current Framework, the EYFS. This will help support your childs learning especially if you know your child needs more activities in certain areas of the curriculum. The EYFS can be very daunting for parents when they first take a look at it or are told about it in meetings with teachers and carers. Being a nursery teacher I was aware of the framework but when my husband was shown it and told where our child was exceeding, meeting and needed more support in, it was a bit overwhelming so my activities will help you find the right activities for your childs individual needs.


Where the activities come from?

The activities come from books and magazines I have read, my own personal experiences, friends and families experiences, the internet and most importantly from yourselves.



I hope that you enjoy the activities and most importantly have lots of fun :)

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